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FenCon VIII/DSC 49


A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

FenCon Dealer Room

Offering everything a fan could want from books to t-shirts to filk to toys and much more, the FenCon VIII dealers room is full of fannish goodness! Located in the center of the programming floor, this is a spacious, wide-open dealers room with plenty of tables and wide aisles. We're happy to welcome our many returning dealers plus several new ones for FenCon VIII.

FenCon's very own FenConvenience Store will be at Table 1 & 2 by the door selling FenCon t-shirts, totebags, souvenir program books, and our limited-edition signed and numbered art prints by our past and present artist guests of honor. 100% of the price of these prints goes to benefit the designated charity.

Rent-A-Table: Do you have a book, product, or service you'd like to sell during FenCon but didn't get a dealer table before we sold out in February? Then the Rent-A-Table program is for you. You'll be out in our main public area with the other fan and author tables for maximum exposure to the FenCon membership. For just $5, you get use of one-half of a standard six-foot table for two hours. Slots are very limited and some restrictions apply. Contact Robyn, FenCon Dealer Liaison, by e-mail for all the details.

FenCon Dealers Room Setup:

  • Thursday: opens at 7:00pm, closes at 11:00pm
  • Friday: opens at 10:00am, ends at 2:00pm

FenCon Dealers Room Hours:

  • Friday: opens at 2:00pm, closes at 6:45pm
  • Saturday: opens at 10:00am, closes at 6:00pm
  • Sunday: opens at 10:00am, closes at 4:00pm

FenCon Dealers Room Vendors:

FenConVenience Store

Adventure in Crime and Space

Alien Motives

Austin Browncoats

Celtic Chrystal

Creepy Classics

Denise Stockton

Dream Hats

Dryad Designs

EDGE Books

Hellivino LLC (Artemis)

Instant Attitudes

Jabberwocky - Brad Foster

Lazy Dragon

Mary Hoge (Knitting)



Sablewood Village

Starcat Designs

Stardrake Books

Tawanda Jewelry

The Texas Triffid Ranch

That Pagan Chick

This Witches Stitches

Underhill Beadscapes

Yard Dog Press

FenCon Fan/Author Tables:

LoneStarCon3 - Texas in 2013

London in 2014

Spokane in 2015

Orlando in 2015

New Orleans in 2018

Habitat for Humanity

Steven E. Wedel

Rie Sheridan

Gloria Oliver

Costumers Anonymous of North Texas

FenCon Rent-A-Table

Steampunk Illumination Society

FenCon Dealers Room Map:

FenCon VIII Dealer's Room Map

The FenCon Dealer Room is sold out for FenCon VIII in 2011.

Space in the FenCon Dealer Room always sells out quickly. If you're interested in joining us for FenCon IX in 2012, contact dealer liaison Robyn Winans by e-mail to get on our waiting list.

Dealer and author/fan tables are six feet long.
Reminder: All vendors are responsible for collecting their own sales tax.

Last updated 27 September 2011


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