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FenCon VIII/DSC 49


A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

FenCon Publications and Ad Sales

AD SALES: Advertising sales for our 2011 Souvenir Program Book, convention guide, and other items are now closed.

We have full-page ads and half-page ads inside the souvenir program book and other publications still available. These inside ad pages are in crisp monochrome, also known as black and white. The advertising request form and detailed technical spec sheets for each style of ad are available below. Deadline: all ad submissions must have been received by August 25, 2011.

SOUVENIR PROGRAM BOOK: People keep telling us how much they love our souvenir program books. Do they go crazy for the amazing artwork on the covers and inside? Is it the original short fiction, the amazing artwork, the detailed guest biographies, or the welcome letter from our convention chairman? Okay, it's probably not the welcome letter.

Know that we're already working hard to top ourselves for 2011 and that you get a copy free with your regular three-day or Friend of the Fen membership. (Additional copies are available at the convention for a few dollars.)

previous FenCon souvenir program books

Our advertisers help pay for the printing and make possible so many pages of wonderful content and those gorgeous full-color covers. The program book will feature works by many of our guests and so much more. Only a limited number will be printed so it is sure to be treasured for years to come.


  • $50.00 for an internal half page (b/w or grey scale)
  • $85.00 for an internal full page (b/w or grey scale)
  • $150.00 for the inside front cover (full color with bleed)

2011 Program Book Ad Request Form (540kb)
Program Book Advertising Request Form


2011 Program Book Inside Ad Specs (550kb)
Program Book Inside Ad Specs


2011 Program Book Cover Specs (540kb)
Program Book Cover Specs

PDF documents require the Acrobat reader available from Adobe. Click here to download this free utility.

Get Acrobat Reader

Got questions about our publications or buying advertising? Send an e-mail to our Publications Director at publications@fencon.org. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

E-mail our publications director

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