Renee Babcock

Renee Babcock

Renee has been active in the Fandom Association of Central Texas, Inc. since earning her Ph.D. with a major in Musicology. She attended her first ArmadilloCon in 1999 where she learned about con running by attending the planning meetings and helping out wherever she could. She co-chaired her first ArmadilloCon in 2001 with Lori Wolf, and despite the difficulties of that year post-9/11, she agreed to do so again several more years, plus solo chairing in 2007. She has also been a member of the board of FACT, where she has held a variety of posts, including Social Director, Treasurer, and Chair.

These days Renee is more active with the World Fantasy Convention. She co-chaired WFC in 2006 with Fred Duarte, and most recently co-chaired WFC in 2017 with Jonathan Miles. She is also the current Secretary of the World Fantasy Board.

Renee currently works as an Academic Advising Coordinator in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Austin at Texas and is very excited to be working with actual rocket scientists. She rides the bus to work and gets a lot of reading time done during her daily 2 hours round trip commute.

(Photo: Holly Bhasin)

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