FenCon XV - September 21-23, 2018 |
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A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Rhonda Eudaly

Rhonda Eudaly

(Rhonda Eudaly) Rhonda Eudaly lives in Arlington, Texas where she's ventured into several industries and occupations for a wide variety of experience. She's married with dogs and a rapidly growing Minion© army. Her two passions are writing and music, which is evident in her increasing horde of writing instruments.

Rhonda has a well-rounded publication history in fiction, non-fiction, and script writing. Check out her website for her latest publications and downloads.

(Photo by Bobby Hitt)

Other panels with Rhonda Eudaly:

Flash Fiction in a short!
Friday  2:00 PM  Red Oak  

Yard Dog Press Road Show
Friday  10:00 PM  Red Oak  

FenCon Squares
Saturday  10:00 AM  Trinity V  

Saturday  2:00 PM  Gallery  

The Four Redheads of the Apocalypse
Saturday  3:00 PM  Chinaberry  

Sunday  11:30 AM  Pecan  

Oh Frankie, you're so funny!
Sunday  1:00 PM  Trinity VI  

Perils of Writing in More than One Genre
Sunday  3:00 PM  Trinity VII