FenCon XVI - September 20-22, 2019 |
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A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Mark Finn

Mark Finn

(Mark Finn) (The Gentlemen Nerds) (Skelos Press) (Twitter) Mark Finn is an author, an editor, and a pop culture critic. He is a nationally-recognized authority on Robert E. Howard and has written extensively about the Texas author. He is a managing editor for Skelos Press, and he podcasts with The Gentlemen Nerds. When he is not waxing eloquent about popular culture, he writes comics and fiction, performs community theater, and runs a movie theater in North Texas with his long-suffering wife and their gregarious pit bull, Sonya.

Other panels with Mark Finn:

I Wanted to See the Other Movie! When the Trailer is Better than the Film
Friday  2:00 PM  Grapevine 2  

Table-Top Gaming Over the Years
Friday  4:00 PM  Grapevine 1  

A History of Female-oriented Comic Books
Friday  5:00 PM  Southlake  

Opening Ceremonies
Friday  7:00 PM  Grand 3&4  

FenCon Squares
Saturday  10:00 AM  Grand 3&4  

Saturday  11:00 AM  Southlake  

The Upside down
Saturday  12:00 PM  Southlake  

Friend of the Fen GoH Autograph Session
Saturday  1:00 PM  Grand Atrium   Grand Atrium

Are Podcasts the New Fanzines?
Saturday  2:00 PM  Grapevine 1  

FenCon Cabaret
Saturday  8:00 PM  Grand 3&4  

Kaiju-maniacs : The Giant Monster Appreciation Panel
Sunday  2:00 PM  Southlake