Chaz Kemp

Chaz Kemp

(Chaz Kemp) (Patreon) Chaz Kemp has amassed quite a list of talents, including acting (he won an Emmy for voiceover work), playwriting, directing, song writing, singing, drumming, fencing, and cat herding (you should see his scars). He has now decided to settle down in the suburbs of Denver with his wife, a changeling from the court of the Morrigan who goes by the mundane name of Carolyn Kay. Together they’re working on bringing the world of Ashelon to life through stories and an oracle deck. 

You can find Chaz’s art across the globe on magazine and book covers, album art, role-playing game manuals, convention posters and badges (including this year’s), logos, clothing, tattoos and more. 

If you’d like to support Chaz’s artistic endeavors please visit the Ashelon booth in the dealer’s room, check out his art in the Art Show, or head on over to Patreon and throw some of your hard earned dollars his way. 

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