Game on!

Do you have a request for the Games Library? 

Contact our gaming staff HERE and if they have it in stock, they'll bring it!


**********Special Event:  Werewolf with DFW GAMING VILLAGE*********

********************@7PM Friday and Saturday night********************  

******************************Sign up HERE!******************************

Learning Sessions: Sign up HERE!


The Grand Carnival 2 to 4pm

Raising Robots 5 to 7pm


Castles & Crusades by Troll Lord Games, Shadows of the Halfling Hall

 with guest Mike Stewart 9am to 12pm

Terraforming Mars Dice Game Noon to 2pm

Azul Master Chocolatier 4 to 6pm


City of the Big Shoulders 2pm - 6pm


Holotype 10 to Noon

Interested in RPGs? Then sign up HERE and make your requests, if we have a DM that can run a game, we will contact you.

Gaming Hours:

Friday: 1pm - Midnight

Saturday: 9am - Midnight

Sunday: 9am - 3:30pm

Games Library: If you want to learn a new game or just looking for something to do in between panels, our Games Library is the place to go! We will have a cache of board games for you to learn and play available to you. Our library will be stocked, so you can play whatever and whenever you want! New this year is that folks can check out games and take it anywhere in the hotel but MUST bring them back by the close of the gaming day and all games must be turned in by 2:30 Sunday. Please have a valid driver’s license to show at the time of check out. Phone number must be provided so we can contact you if the game needs to be turned back in.

We have gaming! And lots of it! There will be volunteers to help make sure you have a blast in the gaming area. We have role playing sessions, board game tournaments, casual party games and so much more. Come on by, ask us questions, let us help match up a game to fit what you’re looking for!

All gaming is part of your weekend membership for all members of FenCon and the Dallas Future Society. As always, there will be more gaming opportunities announced on-site during the convention. Check the gaming room for gaming news and updates. Gaming at FenCon can be a fun experience for everyone!

NOTE: For their safety and security, children under 12 MUST have adult supervision while in the gaming room at all times.

The Game room is open play all weekend.   Check by to start a game from our library, bring your own or just join a game in progress.     Grab your friends, grab your suitemates, grab a neighbor just come on down and play for little while in-between your panels.


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