Consistent with Texas, Dallas County, and hotel policies and orders, masks are not required, nor is proof of vaccination. However, we do strongly encourage you to take appropriate measures while at the con, including masking and being current on Covid vaccinations.

We ask that you respect the decisions of those who choose to wear a mask and/or keep distancing. This falls under our Code of Conduct.

We will have hand sanitizer stations available throughout our function space and in each programming room. Our programming rooms will also be equipped with antibacterial wipes. In addition, we will also have a supply of disposable masks on hand. If yours breaks or you decide you would be more comfortable wearing one, we have you covered! 

Please consider booking a room at the hotel so you will have a space to store your purchases and take a breather.

This policy is subject to change to stay in alignment with current health policies and orders in Texas, Dallas County, and the hotel. You may read the current Dallas County orders here. The current risk level and county dashboard is located here.

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